0 #2 KWK 2013-08-01 03:40
Great view from behind home plate. Seats in 118 will grant you access to the Diamond Club restaurant/lounge area. You'll also have waiters waiting on you in the Diamond Club which I thought was pretty cool. Wish the food and alcohol was all inclusive but that would raise the ticket prices significantly.
The diamond club seats are often sold out and for good reason but if you ever get a chance to sit there, you'll be as impressed as I was.
0 #1 Johnny C 2011-11-10 04:25
Have sat here once, my employer has season tickets in this section. 118 is the most expensive section to sit in at Anaheim stadium, didn't come out of my pocket. Rows are lettered C thru W. The dugout is also really close to this section.

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