0 #1 Drew 2013-07-04 04:52
Part of the Diamond Club.
-Wide and comfortable padded seats behind home plate.
-Adjacent to the Phillies batter's box as well as the Phillies dugout. We could even see into the Phillies dugout somewhat well from where we were sitting (row 4).
-Servers will come to your seats to take your food and drink orders. Ours were pretty timely and efficient. The food is presented by Aramark; they're kind of like Levy but not as good.
-Not having to wait for stalls in the restrooms to open up as was also nice. The club area has two private bars and it's a very plush setting. Great place to network and meet some of Philadelphia's elite decision makers!
-Probably have to know someone to get these seats. I don't imagine scalpers will be sitting on the street corners with diamond club tickets in hand.

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