Seat view from section 130 at Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres


0 #1 Julius 2013-06-09 23:24
I'm a transplanted Giants fan that still makes it out to a lot of Padres games since I love baseball. I've sat all over the park but sat in 130 most recently at the last game I went to. It's a very overrated section in a very underrated ballpark. The only reason I say overrated is because the tickets for section 130 have always been $30+ when I've sat in the area. Left Field Lower Box is the official name for these seats. They're in the shade for day games but if you sit in rows 8-11, the overhang can become a little bit of a nuisance when balls are hit high into the sky. Sorry, I like being able to see it all.
130 is probably the most ideal spot for catching a home run ball since left field is the shortest part of the field. They were good seats but far from great. Give Filippi's Pizza a try if you decide to spend some cash on the concessions. The fare is above average and better than some of the other California MLB ballparks I've been to.

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